DNA Testing to Establish Paternity in Arizona

There are new methods of scientific testing that are very accurate to prove whether a man is the father of a child. Testing laboratories now use DNA testing. The test results can show whether a man is a child’s father to a very high degree of certainty. All DNA tests will have some degree of accuracy, and no DNA test will indicate a person is guaranteed 100% to be the father of a child.

DNA Testing to Establish Paternity in Arizona.

DNA Testing to Establish Paternity in Arizona.

The law in Arizona only requires that the DNA test indicates a certainty of at least 95% for a judge to be able to presume the person is the father of the child. If the likelihood of paternity is 95% or greater according to the DNA test, the father then has the burden of proving he is not the father of the child by clear and convincing evidence.

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