Divorce Records: Arizona

Arizona Divorce Records

If you were divorced in Arizona or are currently going through a divorce, it is very likely your divorce proceedings are a part of the public record and are accessible through a divorce record search in Arizona. The terms “public record” and “available” may have you wondering…Just who has access to your divorce information?

If you’re wondering who and what is accessible through Maricopa County divorce records, consider the following:

The public may obtain copies of public records upon request: criminal, civil, domestic relations, family court (divorce decrees), probate and tax court case files, marriage licenses, etc.

IN PERSON: To obtain a copy of a public record from the County divorce records, an individual may visit the Clerk’s Office. Their hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

BY MAIL: Individuals can also gain access to public records through a mail request. The written request must contain the following information:

  • The case number
  • The names of parties at the time of the case filing
  • The specific documents an individual is seeking
  • The date the case was filed (or at least the year)
  • The number of pages that will need to be copied if the information is known
  • The day time phone number of the person requesting the documents
  • An email address for questions regarding the application

When specifically requesting a copy of a divorce decree it is important to note if you also require copies of the property settlement or custody agreement, etc.

Divorce Records: Arizona.

Divorce Records: Arizona.

BY PHONE: Copies of public records may also be requested by phone. When requesting by phone, you must have the following information: case number, names of parties at the time of filing, which documents you would like to receive, filing date or year, number of pages in the document(s) requested, and a phone number or email for questions.

Divorce Records Arizona | Fees and Costs

Copy fees will apply (typically $0.50 per page) as well as an additional $27.00 fee for certified copies. To receive the copies by mail, you will also be assessed a $7.00 shipping fee. Written requests received without the necessary information will be subject to an additional fee of $27.00 for each year researched and each name researched attempting to locate the specified documents. Once fees are assessed, the individual requesting the copies will receive their fee payment request by mail or email (if provided). The Clerk’s Office accepts payment by money order (payable to the Clerk of the Court with the name, address and telephone number of the customer written on the front) or a debit or credit card. Once payment is received, the request should be processed within ten business days.

If the case for which you are seeking Arizona divorce records has been sealed, you will be required to file a motion to unseal the record to obtain the records you are requesting. The court may or may not grant your application to unseal the record, depending upon who is requesting the documents, why they are being requested and the reason the case file was sealed.

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