Divorce Mediation in Carefree Arizona

Family law, particularly divorce, in Arizona can either be a costly and grueling experience or you can, instead, choose the more affordable and less time-consuming route of divorce mediation. An experienced divorce mediation in Carefree AZ can save your significant time and money. It does not make sense to spend a year or more in divorce litigation and costs when you can resolve your case in a day or less of divorce mediation. Arizona divorce and family law attorney Chris Hildebrand at Hildebrand Law, PC has been mediating cases throughout his over a twenty-year career as a lawyer in Arizona. He has been asked by the court and other attorneys to act as a divorce mediator in numerous cases.

Divorce Mediation Carefree Arizona | Chris Hildebrand

Divorce Mediation in Carefree Arizona.

Divorce Mediation in Carefree Arizona.

Chris has been able to settle almost every case he has mediated. The reason Chris is so effective at divorce mediations is that he has a thorough understanding of the law, has litigated hundreds of Arizona divorce and family law cases over two decades, and brings compassion, understanding, and empathy to his Arizona divorce mediations. Let Chris Hildebrand sit down with you and your spouse to resolve the issues in your divorce or family law case and saves tens of thousands of dollars.

Why Divorce Mediation Carefree AZ is Better Than Going to Trial

Divorce mediation is better than going to Trial because you will save months, if not years, of your time enduring the emotional and financial costs of litigating your case. If you litigate your case, you will have to attend several hearings and face having to testify in a Trial. Instead of giving all your money away to divorce attorneys, Chris Hildebrand can mediate your case for a fraction of the cost you will likely spend on a lawyer in only one month that attorney is working on your case. After all, you can use the money saved by using our divorce mediator to allow you to move on with your life.

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