Divorce Mediation in Avondale Arizona

Divorce can be costly and take a long time to resolve. A divorce can take more than a year and sometimes longer to complete if you do not settle your case. A divorce lawyer with a lot of experience can tell you what the outcomes or range of the results can be in a given case. Too many people do not understand that a good divorce mediator in Arizona can resolve your situation in a matter of days. Our Arizona divorce mediator can help you save valuable time and money in resolving your divorce or family law case.

Our Avondale Divorce Mediator

Chris Hildebrand has been a practicing divorce attorney for over twenty years. He has the experience to mediate your Avondale divorce case. He has been called upon the court and other family law attorneys to mediate disputes over the years as a practicing attorney.  He has brought cases to a complete settlement in over 95% of the cases he has been called upon to mediate. You should let Chris Hildebrand bring his Arizona divorce mediation skills to work in your Avondale Arizona divorce matter.

Mediation vs. Divorce

The costs associated with divorce are substantial and take a lot of time. You could be involved in a divorce for years depending upon your case. You can avoid paying monthly attorney fees bills by mediating your Avondale AZ divorce with our experienced divorce mediator, Chris Hildebrand.

Negotiating your Avondale AZ divorce will also save you the time and frustration of being involved in a divorce and having to go to a Trial before the court. The sooner you can end the divorce process in Arizona the better off you and your children will be. More importantly, mediating a divorce settlement allows you and your children to move on with their lives.

A divorce mediation with Hildebrand Law, PC takes anywhere from half a day to a full day. Some cases require more time. However, you will still save time and money mediating your Avondale AZ divorce.

You can either call us at (480)947-4339 or reach us through our contact form to schedule your Avondale Arizona divorce or family law mediation today.