Considering the Children During a Divorce in Arizona

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We understand that when problems arise within your family, you probably do not expect them to escalate into contentious legal issues. However, sometimes, despite your best efforts, you and your spouse may decide to call it quits. It is important that the parents are considering the children during a divorce in Arizona.

The process of divorce can be complex, especially if you have children together. There will be much to sort out during what will be an emotionally charged process.

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Thinking About Child Custody Issues in a Divorce

More than likely, tensions will be running high if you are in the process of dissolving your marriage. A divorce lawyer Phoenix AZ residents depend on knows this is especially true if you are working out child custody arrangements with your spouse. This is because you will be negotiating the care of your most precious possessions, your children.
There are a few different ways that parents reach custody agreements surrounding their kids. In many situations, both parties will come together to create a plan for custody and contact with the assistance of their attorneys. In other cases, parents will go through mediation to attempt to make agreements prior to bringing the matter to court.

Considering the Children during a Divorce in Arizona.

Mediation can be far less expensive than going before a judge in court for resolving custody situations. When two people cannot agree on a plan of contact/custody arrangement, it is left to the judge to make a decision. There are several types of custody options to consider when it comes to your child:

Joint Custody: When both parents share all the responsibilities and decisions surrounding the care of their child. This requires that both parties’ co-parent and work pretty closely with one another.
Sole Custody: When one parent is responsible for most decisions surrounding their child’s care. They usually are the ones who assume the role of primary caregiver to the child. In most cases, the parent without custody will still have a right to be in the child’s life through visitation.
Joint Physical Custody: This can vary depending on the custody arrangement that parents have agreed to. This can look like aweekend visitation or equally share the amount of time that the child is with them. In some situations, the child may go back and forth between each parent’s home.
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Considering Your Children’s Financial Needs in a Divorce

Just because you and your spouse have chosen to end your relationship doesn’t mean that your children should suffer. A divorce will have a huge impact on your children. You will want the lifestyle they have become accustomed to remaining intact. It is the responsibility of you and your ex to put the problems you have with one another aside in order to do this successfully. This is a tall order to fill, especially if you and your spouse are having a difficult time coming together in your agreements.

Thinking About Children During a Divorce in Arizona.

In most situations, the non-custodial parent is expected to pay child support to the custodial parent. Child support is meant to help pay for the care of the child in the day-to-day living expenses, for example:

  • Home
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • School expenses
  • Medical care
  • Extracurricular activities
Child support payments are usually determined by taking a look at the holistic care of the child in addition to the income of the non-custodial parent. Your divorce lawyer Phoenix AZ parents count on can assist in pursuing a child support order.

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