Arizona Divorce Statutes

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The Arizona State Legislature created the Arizona divorce statutes that apply to Arizona divorce cases. Those laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:


Dissolution of Marriage

  • 25-311
  • Jurisdiction; form of petition; award of decree
  • 25-312
  • Dissolution of marriage; findings necessary
  • 25-313
  • Decree of legal separation; findings necessary
  • 25-314
  • Pleadings; contents; defense; joinder of parties; confidentiality
  • 25-315
  • Temporary order or preliminary injunction; effect; definition
  • 25-316
  • Irretrievable breakdown; finding
  • 25-317
  • Separation agreement; effect
  • 25-318
  • Disposition of property; retroactivity; notice to creditors; assignment of debts; contempt of court
  • 25-318.01
  • Military retirement benefits; disability-related waiver
  • 25-318.02
  • Convicted spouse; award of community property; definition
  • 25-319
  • Maintenance; computation factors
  • 25-320
  • Child support; factors; methods of payment; additional enforcement provisions; definitions
  • 25-320.02
  • Self-employed parent; tax practitioner; definition
  • 25-321
  • Representation of child by counsel; fees
  • 25-322
  • Payment of maintenance or support; records; disclosure
  • 25-325
  • Decree; finality; restoration of maiden name
  • 25-326
  • Independence of provisions of decree or temporary order; forms
  • 25-327
  • Modification and termination of provisions for maintenance, support and property disposition
  • 25-328
  • Sequence of trials when custody or parenting time is an issue
  • 25-331
  • Notification requirements

Arizona Divorce Statutes.

Alienation of Affections

  • 25-341
  • Abrogation of alienation of affections action

Domestic Relations Education on Children’s Issues

  • 25-351
  • Domestic relations education; plan; administration
  • 25-352
  • Applicability of program; compliance
  • 25-354
  • Children’s issues education fund; report
  • 25-355
  • Fees; deferral or waiver

Court of Conciliation

  • 25-381.03
  • Applicability of article; determination by superior court
  • 25-381.04
  • Assignment of judges; number of sessions
  • 25-381.05
  • Transfer of cases; reason; duties of transferee judge
  • 25-381.06
  • Court assistants; salaries; appointments
  • 25-381.07
  • Director of conciliation; powers and duties
  • 25-381.09
  • Petition invoking jurisdiction or for transfer of action to conciliation court
  • 25-381.12
  • Blank forms; assistance in preparing and presenting petition
  • 25-381.14
  • Hearing; time; place; notice; citation; witnesses
  • 25-381.16
  • Conduct of hearing; recommendations; aid of specialists; expense; confidential communications
  • 25-381.17
  • Orders; duration of effectiveness; reconciliation agreement
  • 25-381.18
  • Dissolution of marriage; legal separation; annulment; stay of right to file; jurisdiction for pending actions
  • 25-381.19
  • Transfer of certain actions where minor child involved
  • 25-381.20
  • Procedure in actions where no child is involved; conciliation court may accept case
  • 25-381.22
  • Subsequent petition filed within one year

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Chris Hildebrand

Chris Hildebrand

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