Divorce Attorneys for Doctors in Arizona

Arizona Divorce Lawyers for Doctors

Hildebrand Law, PC divorce attorneys for doctors in Arizona have over one-hundred years combined experience representing doctors. In many ways, a doctor facing a divorce in Arizona will face the same issues as anyone else going through a divorce. However, there is some difference a doctor going through a divorce in Arizona may encounter and, therefore, require working with a divorce attorney who has a lot of experience representing a doctor going through a divorce in Arizona. Let’s explore the issues in a divorce and what issues may require an experienced divorce attorney to have had experience handling.

The Process of Divorce for Doctors in Arizona

A divorce in Arizona is a matter of public record. That means anyone and everyone can comb through the divorce petition, motions, and other pleadings that are filed by your attorney, as well as the documents filed by your spouse’s attorney. This may include personal financial information, such as your annual earnings. That can have an impact on your professional standing in the community. That community includes your friends, neighbors, employees, and even your patients. Negative information can even harm your business or where you work.

Divorce Attorneys for Doctors in Arizona.

Divorce Attorneys for Doctors in Arizona.

Our experienced Scottsdale Arizona divorce attorneys will not only protect your interests in a divorce but will also go to great lengths to protect your privacy. We do this by strategically using Special Masters, mediation, and arbitration to keep as much of your divorce private and, therefore, protect your professional identity.

Child Custody for Doctors in Arizona

Child custody decisions are not usually affected because you are a doctor going through a divorce in Arizona. The only exception would be if your work schedule changes frequently or you are “on call” enough to impact your consistency in spending time with your children. If a physician has a difficult time balancing out his or her professional responsibilities, we find solutions to address the problem. For example, we may suggest you hire a nanny to cover you when you are called into the hospital. Relying on family and friends to watch your children also provides a good solution. Finding another doctor to cover your shifts or at least some of them, may be an option for you. Regardless of your situation, we will find a solution to ensure your professional responsibilities do not impact your relationship with your children.

Spousal Maintenance | Doctors in Arizona

Spousal maintenance is an award of a monthly payment from one spouse to the other spouse. There are a variety of reasons the court may award spousal maintenance in an Arizona divorce. Physicians can earn a good living. He or she may make such a good living that his or her spouse may not be working at all. You need an attorney who is experienced representing doctors earning a large income who are faced with a claim for spousal maintenance to mitigate your exposure to paying spousal maintenance. The extent of the assets you will be splitting, the number of debts you have, the standard of living you have maintained, and your spouse’s ability to obtain additional education, training and experience will all be factors to be considered.

Division of Assets and Debts for Doctors in Arizona

A judge in Arizona is required to equitably divide your debts and assets and to award to each spouse his or her separate property. This process becomes more complicated if you have an ownership in a medical practice. You need an attorney who has worked with business appraisers to ensure your medical practice is not overvalued. Your attorney should understand the difference between “fair value” and “fair market value” and which premise of valuation provides the most “fair” value of your business. Making a mistake on the correct premise of value could mean a difference of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in the final evaluation of your medical practice.

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