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What are some common problems that can arise with child custody cases?

Reputable child custody attorneys Phoenix AZ parents trust do their best to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients, but issues can still arise. Certain situations can change and make the original arrangement unworkable. The goal is to always keep a child’s best interests in mind, so a change in the arrangement may be necessary. Listed below are just a few of the more common problems that may occur in child custody cases.

  • Relocation

If one parent moves far away, it can present a big problem in a shared custody agreement. If the parent with primary custody chooses to move away, the parent who stays in the same location might not be able to see the child very often — and vice versa. Parents may need to have the court approve their decision to relocate if they wish to retain custody. The parent must prove to the court that the relocation is for a good reason, such as new job. The court may consider other factors before approving a move, such as the quality of schooling in the new location and how both parents can continue contact after the move. If you are considering moving to a new town or city with your child, you may need the help of child custody attorneys Phoenix AZ trusts to help you.

    Child Custody Attorneys Phoenix AZ

  • Contempt

If one parent fails to adhere to parenting duties, the other parent can petition the court for relief with the assistance of child custody attorneys Phoenix AZ counts on. For example, the court may order the non-compliant parent to attend parenting classes. In extreme cases, the court may determine that the non-compliant parent is unfit to care for a child and give sole custody to the other parent.

  • New Relationships

It is common for divorced parents to begin romantic relationships with other people. However, these new relationships can sometimes negatively affect the child. If the child does not get along with his or her parent’s new significant other, it can create conflict in the home. It may even cause the child to not want to live in the house anymore. Phoenix child custody attorneys may help parents settle these issues and possibly make new custody arrangements.

  • Change in Circumstances

Life can be unpredictable at times and a parent’s circumstances may change. For example, if a parent suddenly became disabled, he or she might not be able to look after the child anymore. In a situation like this, sole custody might be granted to the other parent.

No matter what issues arises in your child custody case, you will need a court approval to change your existing custody arrangement. Child custody attorneys Phoenix AZ may help you fill out the necessary paperwork to petition the court. The court may then schedule a hearing where you will be able to explain why you need to change your custody arrangement.

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