Benefits of Legal Separation in Arizona

Arizona Legal Separation: Benefits

Benefits of Legal Separation Arizona: What you need to know. Individuals and couples who are interested in ending their marriage will often compare legal separation and divorce. Some assume that a legal separation is pointless if they are already sure that their marriage is ending in divorce when, in fact, legal separation has several benefits and advantages.

Top 5 Benefits of a Legal Separation:

Provision of Parameters Regarding Major Issues while Maintaining Marital Status: Co-Parenting Parameters, Child Support, Spousal Support, etc.
Leaves the Door Open for Reconciliation/Resuming the Marriage
Solution for Couples Who Want to Live Apart, but Stay Married for Religious Reasons
Maintaining Insurance Coverage in some cases
When you consider the benefits, it makes sense to choose to file for legal separation over the dissolution of marriage (divorce). The legal separation also allows the parties involved to set out the terms of their divorce, before divorce proceedings even start, through a separation agreement. If they later decide to proceed with a divorce, the divorce decree and accompanying documentation take over where the legal separation agreement leaves off.

Benefits of Legal Separation vs Divorce | Reasons to Get a Legal Separation

Religion: Divorce and Legal Separations

In certain religions, divorce is forbidden or simply not recognized. Some religions may even make it a policy to excommunicate those who pursue divorce; particularly if an individual eventually remarries. Couples who have to consider these religious consequences will often find themselves leaning towards legal separation over divorce in order to meet their needs to live apart from their spouse without acting in opposition to religious beliefs that are opposed to divorce.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2006 statistics indicate that 14% of couples that are legally separated will eventually reunite with their spouse. So, legal separation, in fact, provides couples with beliefs against divorce with the perfect combination: an independent life, acceptance in their religion of choice, as well as a chance of reuniting with their spouse.

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