Arizona Paternity Statutes

The Arizona State Legislature created the laws that apply to Arizona paternity cases. Those laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:

Maternity and Paternity Proceedings

  • 25-803
  • Persons who may originate proceedings; legal decision-making; parenting time; conciliation court
  • 25-804
  • Time for instituting proceedings
  • 25-805
  • Effect of death, absence or insanity of plaintiff
  • 25-807
  • Precedence of maternity and paternity proceedings; delay for paternity tests; court order; evidentiary use; alternative tests; out-of-state orders; immunity
  • 25-808
  • Preliminary injunction; temporary restraining order; effect
Arizona Paternity Statutes.

Arizona Paternity Statutes.

  • 25-810
  • Liability of parents if putative mother or father is a minor; periodic payments
  • 25-812
  • Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity; action to overcome paternity
  • 25-813
  • Default order of paternity
  • 25-814
  • Presumption of paternity
  • 25-815
  • Paternity; full faith and credit
  • 25-816
  • Title IV-D child support; paternity establishment; genetic testing
  • 25-817
  • Temporary orders; presumption of paternity
  • 25-818
  • Paternity case registry; acknowledgments and paternity and maternity orders; recording requirements

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