Arizona Marital Property Laws

The Arizona State Legislature created the laws that apply to Arizona marital property. Those laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:

Arizona Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

  • 25-202
  • Enforcement of premarital agreements; exception
  • 25-204
  • Amendment or revocation of agreement
  • 25-205
  • Limitation of actions

Property Rights and Contract Powers

  • 25-211
  • Property acquired during marriage as community property; exceptions; effect of service of a petition
  • 25-214
  • Management and control
  • 25-215
  • Liability of community property and separate property for community and separate debts
  • 25-217
  • Ownership of property acquired after moving into state
  • 25-218
  • Surrogate parentage contracts; prohibition; custody; definition

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