Arizona Legal Separation Attorneys

Are you searching for the best Arizona Legal Separation attorneys for your case? Our experienced Arizona legal separation attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience representing clients in legal separations in Arizona. We are experienced in completing the legal separation process, as well as later converting a legal separation into a divorce, either before the final Decree of Legal Separation is issued or anytime thereafter.

Legal Separation and Divorce in Arizona

A Legal Separation in Arizona is very similar to a Divorce. The only difference between the two causes of action is that you are restored to the status of a single person in a divorce and can, therefore, remarry. In a Legal Separation case, you

Arizona Legal Separation Attorneys. Arizona Legal Separation Attorneys.

are restored to the status of a single person and, therefore, cannot remarry. Beyond that distinction, the two types of cases are very similar.

In a Legal Separation case, the court must equitably divide your community property debts and award to each spouse his or her sole and separate property and debts. The court must enter child custody, referred to as Legal Decision Making, and parenting time orders for your children. Lastly, the court must order child support and, possibly, alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal maintenance in Arizona.

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