Arizona Divorce Records Search

In today’s day and age, there is a lot of discussion about privacy. The explosion of social media sites and online outlets for information distribution have made many want to bury their heads in the sand. The thought of all the free-flowing information online is particularly concerning when you have something happening in your life you would prefer not be exposed to public view; particularly if you are going through a divorce. It is very easy for anyone to find out about your divorce simply by doing an Arizona divorce records search.

You can do an Arizona divorce records search to see what documents are filed in your divorce in Arizona. For example,

Arizona Divorce Records Search.

Arizona Divorce Records Search.

you can visit the Maricopa County Superior Court Family Law docket to do an Arizona divorce records search in Maricopa County, Arizona. You can search other county divorce records by simply searching the county in which a case has been filed followed by either “divorce docket” or “family law docket”. Alternatively, you may access court records in any Superior Court in Arizona by going to the official Arizona court record search website.

There is a definite concern for privacy when it comes to divorce records and Arizona divorce records search. Generally speaking, any court proceeding is a public matter. In almost all jurisdictions, this will include divorce cases handled by the court.

Arizona Divorce Records Search | What You Can Do

An exception would be if the court were to issue an order sealing the file in your divorce. A court may seal the record in your case if, for example, the court finds doing so is in your children’s best interests.

It is very difficult to get a divorce case sealed in Arizona. As a matter of public policy, court proceedings are open to the public. That policy is based upon the notion that cases litigated in public courts, which are funded with taxpayer funds, should be open to public scrutiny. Although that policy has much less of a personal affect when one company is suing another company, it has a much greater impact when dealing with what would otherwise be the personal and private information relating to family disputes.

Arizona Divorce Records Search for Court Documents.

Arizona Divorce Records Search for Court Documents.

Anyone may request copies of any documents filed in an Arizona divorce case. Those records, likewise, are subject to being disseminated across the Internet, used to harass someone, or used in a plethora of other nefarious ways. Attorneys are particularly adept at drafting pleadings in such a way as to cause the other party to appear in a bad light. Regardless whether the accusations are subsequently proven or not, those allegations remain in the pleadings filed in the case.

If you are concerned about your privacy in an Arizona divorce case, you are not alone. Divorce is a personal matter and in a perfect world, it could be handled that way. There are ways, however, to keep the personal details and accusations in your Arizona divorce case private. As discussed above, you may ask the court to seal your case. However, it is very difficult to do so given the strong public policy and Arizona laws that strongly discourage judges from sealing records in a case.

When we represent high profile clients concerned about their divorce impacting their personal or professional reputation, we often opt for private Arizona divorce mediation or arbitration to resolve the issues in their cases. This keeps many of the details private from the public. Although the public may see the final decision, which must be filed with the court, it prevents the public from having access to all of the unproven allegations raised by either or both parties.

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