Arizona Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Statutes

U.S. News and World Report Best Divorce and Family Law Firms in ArizonaThe Arizona State Legislature created the laws that apply to Arizona child support and spousal maintenance cases. Those laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:

General Provisions

  • 25-501
  • Duties of support; exemption
  • 25-502
  • Jurisdiction, venue, and procedure; additional enforcement provisions
  • 25-503
  • Order for support; methods of payment; modification; termination; statute of limitations; judgment on arrearages; notice; security
  • 25-503.01
  • Self-employed parent; monies held as security for payment of support
  • 25-504
  • Order of assignment; ex parte order of assignment; responsibilities; violation; termination
  • 25-505
  • Limited income withholding orders; definition
  • 25-505.01
  • Administrative income withholding order; notice; definition
  • 25-505.02
  • Insurance data exchange; withholding orders; immunity; definitions
  • 25-506
  • Order for assignment; foreign support order
  • 25-507
  • Forms; alternative forms
  • 25-508
  • Enforcement of support orders; fee prohibition
  • 25-509
  • Representation by attorney general or county attorney; modification of order by attorney general or county attorney
  • 25-510
  • Receiving and disbursing support and maintenance monies; arrearages; interest
  • 25-511
  • Failure of parent to provide for child; classification
  • 25-511.01
  • Spousal maintenance order; violation; classification
  • 25-512
  • Consumer credit reports; use of child support or spousal maintenance obligation information
  • 25-513
  • Employer cooperation; violation; classification
  • 25-514
  • Priority of action and judgments
  • 25-516
  • Lien; notice; priority; recording; reciprocity
  • 25-517
  • License suspension; notice; administrative review or hearing
  • 25-518
  • Child support arrearage; license suspension; hearing

    Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Statutes in Arizona.

    Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Statutes in Arizona.

  • 25-519
  • Regulatory entities; suspension of license
  • 25-520
  • Child support enforcement; administrative subpoena; civil penalty
  • 25-521
  • Levy; seizure of property for collection of support debt; definitions
  • 25-522
  • Administrative review; notice; determination; judicial review; definitions
  • 25-523
  • Financial institutions data match; nonliability; prohibited disclosure; liability; civil liability; definition
  • 25-524
  • Financial institutions; surrender of assets; nonliability
  • 25-525
  • Administrative enforcement; interstate cases; definition
  • 25-526
  • Child support enforcement information; internet posting
  • 25-527
  • Child support; overpayment; reimbursement
  • 25-528
  • Title IV-D recipients; fee
  • 25-529
  • Title IV-D cases; alternative medical insurance coverage
  • 25-530
  • Spousal maintenance; veterans disability benefits; definition

Child Medical Support

  • 25-535
  • Enforcement of health insurance coverage; medical support notice; administrative review; service

Spousal Maintenance Enforcement

  • 25-552
  • Jurisdiction; priority of action
  • 25-553
  • Request for arrearages; deadline

Child Support Arrest Warrants

  • 25-681
  • Child support arrest warrant; definition
  • 25-682
  • Time and manner of execution; information
  • 25-683
  • Procedure after arrest; payment for release from custody
  • 25-685
  • Entry into the criminal information system
Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

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Chris Hildebrand

Chris Hildebrand

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