Arizona Child Support Enforcement

There are too many Arizona divorce orders that include child support orders that are being violated by the individual ordered to make the child support payments. The parent who is providing the majority of the care for the children will often feel overwhelmed and disappointed, oftentimes leaving them stuck in a bad situation. But under The Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Program, Arizona parents have assistance in collecting child support.

The CSE Program was established in Arizona as part of the Social Security Act in 1975. The goal of the program is to promote parent responsibility and decrease costs associated with welfare. Child support provisions can decrease the ever-increasing burden on the taxpayer for welfare costs and studies have indicated that parents who are financially vested in their children tend to be more active in other areas of their lives as well. Arizona Revised Statute Section 46-401 specifically provides that parents have a legal responsibility to provide financial support for their children before public assistance is relied upon to help to support a child.
Arizona Child Support Enforcement
If you are in need of a means of enforcing a child support order, there are options for you to utilize. In an ideal world, child support payments would always be made in a timely manner, but in the real world that just is not always the case. Sometimes a parent simply will not receive payments in a timely manner, they will only receive partial payments, or they will not receive payments at all. In these situations, aggressive Arizona child support enforcement may be necessary.

Arizona Child Support Enforcement | Do You Qualify for Assistance

If the following statements are true in your situation, you may be eligible for enforcement assistance from Arizona’s DCSE Child Support Evader program:

1. The parent in arrears has had a warrant issued for their arrest.2. The locater of the parent in arrears is not known.3. There has been no child support payments made in the previous 6 months.4. The amount of child support in arrears is over $5,000.00.If you have additional questions regarding child support in Arizona or Arizona child support enforcement options, please get in touch with an experienced family law attorney. At Hildebrand Law we are ready and willing to provide you with answers to your questions and legal assistance as you attempt to obtain the child support owed.