Arizona Child Support Calculator

Are you looking for the new 2015 Arizona child support calculator. You need to know that the new version of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines took effect August 1, 2015. You can find the new Arizona Child Support Calculator by clicking the image above.

The new Arizona child support guidelines with apply to all new orders issued after August 1, 2015, as well as to Arizona child support orders issued prior to August 1, 2015 if a party seeks to modify those prior orders.

Arizona Child Support Calculator | How to Calculate Child Support in Arizona

You should gather all of the documentation you will need before using the official Arizona child support calculator. For example, you need the gross annual income of both parties. There are many things that are considered “income” for the purpose of calculating child support. “Income” under the child support guidelines is much different than what the IRS defines income for income tax purposes. For example, bonuses, stock options, and regular and recurring gifts, just to name a few, may be added to a person’s gross income from employment for the purpose of calculating child support.
Arizona Child Support Calculator
You will also need to know if either parent is supporting other children from another relationship as a figure will be used in the calculator to offset an amount from that parent’s income.

You will also need to input whether either spouse is paying spousal maintenance and include that figure in the worksheet. Again, the parents paying alimony will have their income reduced by the amount of those spousal maintenance payments. Conversely, the spouse receiving spousal maintenance will have that figure added to their income.

You will then need to add in the cost of providing health insurance and day care for the children.

Lastly, you would need to know how many days the other parent spends with the children. The exercise of parenting time is treated as decreasing the primary custodial parent’s cost of supporting the children because some of those expenses are not being incurred when they are with the other parent.