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Child Custody Attorneys in Arizona

Are you searching for the best Arizona child custody attorneys in Arizona? Our team of Arizona child custody lawyers has over one-hundred years combined experience representing parents in child custody disputes. There is not a single issue in your child custody case we have not successfully handled many times before. We want to provide you with all of the information and resources to help you win your child custody case in Arizona. Let’s talk about what our child custody attorneys do and the tools we use to win your child custody case.

Important Child Custody Factors

The court must consider all of the statutory factors listed in Arizona Revised Statute Section 25-403. If there is an existing court order and one of the parents wishes to relocate more than one-hundred miles from his or her current residence, the court must also consider the factors listed in Arizona Revised Statute Section 25-408. There are several forms of child custody in Arizona, but let’s look at the specific child custody factors.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Child Support Factors in 25-403

The child custody factors in Arizona Revised Statute Section 25-403 requires the court to consider the following eleven statutory factors:

1. The past, present and potential future relationship between the parent and the child.

Arizona Child Custody Attorneys.

Arizona Child Custody Attorneys.

2. The interaction and interrelationship of the child with the child’s parent or parents, the child’s siblings and any other person who may significantly affect the child’s best interest.

3. The child’s adjustment to home, school, and community.

4. If the child is of suitable age and maturity, the wishes of the child as to legal decision-making and parenting time.

5. The mental and physical health of all individuals involved.

6. Which parent is more likely to allow the child frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with the other parent. This paragraph does not apply if the court determines that a parent is acting in good faith to protect the child from witnessing an act of domestic violence or being a victim of domestic violence or child abuse.

7. Whether one parent intentionally misled the court to cause an unnecessary delay, to increase the cost of litigation or to persuade the court to give a legal decision-making or a parenting time preference to that parent.

8. Whether there has been domestic violence or child abuse pursuant to section 25-403.03.

9. The nature and extent of coercion or duress used by a parent in obtaining an agreement regarding legal decision-making or parenting time.

10. Whether a parent has complied with chapter 3, article 5 of this title.

11. Whether either parent was convicted of an act of false reporting of child abuse or neglect under section 13-2907.02.

Child Support Factors in 25-408

The child support factors in Arizona Revised Statute Section 25-408 requires the court to consider the following eleven statutory factors:

1. The factors prescribed under section 25-403.

2. Whether the relocation is being made or opposed in good faith and not to interfere with or to frustrate the relationship

Child Custody Attorneys in Arizona.

Child Custody Attorneys in Arizona.

3. The prospective advantage of the move for improving the general quality of life for the custodial parent or for the child.

4. The likelihood that the parent with whom the child will reside after the relocation will comply with parenting time orders.

5. Whether the relocation will allow a realistic opportunity for parenting time with each parent.

6. The extent to which moving or not moving will affect the emotional, physical or developmental needs of the child.

7. The motives of the parents and the validity of the reasons given for moving or opposing the move including the extent to which either parent may intend to gain a financial advantage regarding continuing child support obligations.

8. The potential effect of relocation on the child’s stability.

Our Approach to Child Custody Issues in Arizona

Our child custody attorneys take a very detailed and organized approach to building our clients’ child custody cases in Arizona. Our child custody attorneys and their paralegals assigned to your case will meet with at the very beginning of the case to discuss all of the relevant statutory factors to evaluate the strengths and potential weaknesses in your case.

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Chris Hildebrand

Chris Hildebrand

Chris Hildebrand wrote this article about child custody to ensure everyone has access to information about child custody laws in Arizona. Chris is a divorce and child custody attorney at Hildebrand Law, PC. He has over 24 years of Arizona family law experience and has received multiple awards, including US News and World Report “Top Arizona Divorce Attorneys”, Phoenix Magazine “Top Divorce Law Firms”, and Arizona Foothills Magazine “Best of the Valley” award. He believes the policies and procedures he uses to get his clients through a divorce should all be guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, and actually caring about what his clients are going through in a child custody dispute.


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