Arizona Community Property Laws

Arizona Community Property Laws Explained by Scottsdale Arizona Community Property Attorneys.

How to Tell if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets in an Arizona Divorce

What Are Hidden Assets?Why Would My Spouse Hide Assets?Signs Your Spouse Might Be Hiding AssetsSudden Change in Financial BehaviorOvercomplicating Financial…

4 months ago

Calculating a Community Lien on an Appreciating Asset in an Arizona Divorce

Disclaimer Deeds Forfeit Ownership Interest Unless Fraud or Mistake ExistsCommingling Community and Separate Funds Can Transmute Separate Property Into Community…

8 months ago

Essential 3 Steps of Buying a House During a Divorce in Arizona

Learn about the complexities of buying a house during a pending divorce in Arizona.

11 months ago

Making Smart Real Estate Decisions After Divorce: How to Know When Buying a House is the Right Choice After a Divorce in Arizona

What to consider when buying a home after divorceHow to calculate what you can affordThe benefits of buying a home…

11 months ago

Can You Sell Property Before a Divorce in Arizona? Here’s What You Need to Know

Selling Your House Before DivorceIs selling property before divorce settlement a good idea?Should I Sell Our Home If I Have…

1 year ago

Dividing Paid Time Off in a Divorce in Arizona

Many employers offer employees various forms of paid time off. Many employees receive paid vacation time, paid sick leave, paid…

2 years ago

Community Property and Annulment of Marriage in Arizona

Some people ask about the relationship between community property and the annulment of a marriage in Arizona. To address that…

4 years ago

Valuing Goodwill of a Law Firm in an Arizona Divorce | Hildebrand Law, PC

If you or your spouse are an attorney going through a divorce, you will need to know the rules regarding…

4 years ago

Bank Accounts and Divorce in Arizona | Hildebrand Law, PC

What to Do With Bank Accounts Before Filing for Divorce in ArizonaThings to Consider Before You Empty a Joint Bank…

5 years ago

CSRS Benefits and Divorce in Arizona | Hildebrand Law, PC

If you or your spouse is a federal employee and accumulating benefits in a Civil Service Retirement System there are…

5 years ago