Adoption Attorneys in Arizona

Our adoption attorneys in Arizona are available to help with your adoption of a child in Arizona. Many children are currently waiting to be adopted by good parents. Information regarding the special needs of a child available for adoption through a foster care facility is confidential until later in the adoption process. You can also have a private adoption if you locate a mother or parents willing to allow you to adopt a child.

Adoption Attorneys in Arizona.

Adoption Attorneys in Arizona.

The legal process of adoption occurs through the “Provide Permanency for a Child Through Adoption Adoption” process. Once you complete that process of adoption, you will have adopted your child. You have the same rights and responsibilities as a natural birth parent, including providing for his or her well-being, medical needs, and education.

The law in Arizona does not require you to be married to adopt a child. However, if you are married and your spouse does not also adopt the child he or she will have no legal rights or responsibilities for the child. The only requirements for adopting a child in Arizona is that you are an adult over the age of eighteen years of age and you are certified through the court system to adopt a child.

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In most cases, to become certified by a court to adopt a child you must file an application, attend an adoption orientation. You will be subject to an investigation to determine whether you are fit to adopt a child. The investigation will cover your relationships with others, the backgrounds of everyone in your household, your ability to afford to care for the child, your physical and psychological health, any claims of child abuse that have been raised against you, if any, and any other relevant information.

Arizona Adoption Attorneys.

Arizona Adoption Attorneys.

However, if you are adopting a relative you will not be required to go through the certification process. You will still need to undergo an investigation for any prior criminal charges and convictions for the court to certify your adoption of a relative.

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