Scottsdale Arizona Divorce Lawyer Tracey Van Wickler

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney

Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Tracey Van Wickler is an experienced trial attorney who also strongly encourages her clients to utilize mediation, binding arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution alternatives to resolve her clients’ cases. Tracey’s clients benefit from her knowledge and skill in a variety of important complex divorce, family law and post-decree issues, including divorce, legal decision-making, parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, community property settlement and more. With over thirteen years of family law experience, Tracey often handles complex family law matters.


  • Global Business (B.S.) (Summa Cum Laude) | Arizona State University
  • Juris Doctorate (Law) (Cum Laude) | Arizona State University (2001)

Professional Associations:

  • Arizona State Bar Association
  • Maricopa County Bar Association
  • United States District Court

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Divorce Lawyer Cheryl Faas Strongly Advocates for Tracey Van Wickler

I worked with Tracey on a contentious divorce case for about 1 1/2 years. She is settlement oriented, easy to work with and a great advocate for her clients. Tracey understands that maintaining a good relationship with the opposing counsel can be a great benefit to both parties. I highly recommend Tracey!

Giancario Sapelli Endorses Tracey Van Wickler and Her Divorce Services

I have worked as opposing counsel to Ms. Van Wickler. She is a wonderful attorney, who is easy to work with to come to the best outcomes for the case.

Divorce Lawyer Barry Brody Vouches for Tracey Van Wickler’s Legal Services

I have worked with Tracey several times in the past, and always found her prepared, engaging, competent, and skilled. Tracey served her clients well, and I definitely endorse her skills and abilities in Family Law.

Arizona Divorce Attorney Greg Davis Testifies To Tracey’s Professionalism

Tracy is great to work with! When an opposing attorney says that, understand it means that she does NOT make cases unnecessarily expensive, like some other lawyers do. She’s also competent, thorough, and professional.

Divorce Lawyer Monica Attests to Tracey Van Wickler’s Competence

Tracey is an excellent attorney. She is skilled at taking complicated issues and breaking them down to the basic components, promoting settlement when possible and skillfully litigating for her clients when necessary. I endorse Tracey without hesitation.

Karen Schoenau Believes Tracey is Excellent in All Aspects of Family Law

Tracey is an excellent lawyer – thorough, professional and is well versed in the legal and emotional aspects of family law. She strongly advocates for her client without getting into personal arguments with attorneys. I would recommend her to anyone.

Arizona Divorce Lawyer Natalie Ceroni Advocates for Tracey Van Wickler

I endorse this lawyer. I have opposed Tracey in two separate matters. In both cases, Tracey was a strong advocate for her client, while maintaining reasonableness and immense knowledge of the law.

Tracey’s willingness to advocate while working towards resolution enabled us to resolve our clients’ disputes short of protracted and expensive litigation. However, I have no doubt that in the event of impasse, Tracey’s strength in advocacy would transcend into the courtroom as well.

Anonymous Client

Tracey is a tireless advocate for her clients. She has the understanding of family law but the empathy to help her clients during a very difficult time in their life. She is the best!

Anonymous Client

Tracey Van Wickler has represented us in our custody and child support issues for 2 years and has been very successful getting the courts to see things fairly and get them to hold parties accountable to court orders.

Tracey has been exceedingly accommodating and helpful as my involvement in the military can complicate my availability for hearings and she has gotten the courts to allow me to phone into hearings. The other party in my case fails to follow court orders but Tracey has gotten new judges in the case to consider past rulings and current status every step of the way.

Anonymous Client

I worked with Tracey. She always was a prompt person and I always felt she gave us urgent advice when needed. Going through a divorce is very stressful but I always felt she was there both emotionally and intellectually. I would recommend Tracey. She is an asset.