Scottsdale Arizona Estate Planning | Top Things to Know

Estate Planning in Arizona is something we all should be thinking about. In today’s busy world it’s important to keep things simple. We strive to keep our priorities straight. We do our best to focus on what really matters and let all the other distractions go. It can be hard and it can sometimes seem like there’s too much to fit into one lifetime. Contacting an expert estate planner can help you accomplish the impossible. It’s the most effective way to ensure that you incorporate the philosophy of “keeping things simple and keeping your priorities straight” into the future handling of your estate.

The 4 Must Do’s of Estate Planning

Draft Your Will
Create a Trust
Update Your Estate Plan Regularly
Have Life Insurance
Scottsdale Arizona Estate Planning Arizona | How to Get Started

If you stay focused on these four “must do’s” of estate planning, you will find that you don’t have to avoid the supposed confusion of putting an estate plan in place. It’s not there to make your life more difficult. An estate plan is put in place to make your life easier. Even more than that, it’s put in place to make the life of all those you care about and love easier in the years after they lose you.

A good estate plan will completely circumvent the majority of family disputes upon the death of a loved one. Good estate plans are also able to protect an inheritance from the exuberance of youth, as well as the folly of grieving individuals of any age. Wills designate your wishes clearly and concisely. Establishing a trust enables you to pass on your wealth and property with more control. Updating your estate plan regularly will ensure that life changes that affect the future of your estate are taken into account (births and deaths, changes to finances, transfer of property ownership, etc.) Having life insurance is vital for those who have their wealth tied up in assets, so that their loved ones have access to cash immediately for basic needs.

Creating an all-encompassing estate plan isn’t simple, but you can focus on the basics and let an expert estate planning lawyer take it from there. If you find yourself wondering if an estate plan would be a good idea, call the experts at Hildebrand Law. We can discuss your options with you openly and help you find the right solution.