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Steve Nash Battles Ex-Wife in Costly Child Support Case

Steve Nash is a legendary basketball player. Known for his passing, dribbling and shooting abilities, the two-time league Most Valuable Player holds a dear place in the hearts of many Arizonans even ...
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10 Ways Men Get Caught Cheating: Then vs Now

It's always awful when someone cheats on their partner. And now with all the advancements in technology, leaving a trail of cheating evidence is easier than ever. This infographic illustrates 10 ...
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Arizona Child Move Away Statute - Can I Move WIth My Child?

Arizona Legislature Strikes Down Law Making It More Difficult for a Parent to Move Away With a Minor Child. Arizona already has a law preventing one parent from moving a child outside the state or ...
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Arizona Community Property Laws - Nold vs. Nold

I Nold You So Trial by ambush might not be an accepted practice in Arizona, but thanks to a recent Court of Appeals decision, failing to disclose positions related to property in a divorce case, might ...
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The Rising Rates of Divorce

Many questions and concerns come to mind when a couple is thinking of filing for a divorce. There are many factors to be considered but the most important concern is the children, their custody and ...
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How is Community and Separate Property Determined in Arizona?

The process of getting a divorce involves the division of assets and earnings between the married couple. Property settlements is just one issue that has to be resolved in the divorce process. In ...
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Should I Choose a Revocable Living Trust Over a Will?

When it comes to matters of your estate, you do not want to make a decision lightly. Whether you are trying to determine who will inherit your property or who you will choose to carry out your wishes, ...
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12 Months to the Perfect Wedding

Planning your wedding day can be a hectic adventure. In the following infographic, Shane Co. provides tips for planning that special day from arranging the catering to buying the ring, all in 12 ...
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Getting Through a Divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce is not an easy one. Once the decision is made there are a number of stages to go through before the divorce can become legal. With so much to consider, ...
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Cost of Divorce in Arizona and Nationally

The cost of a divorce in Arizona, or anywhere else for that matter, can be minimal or extremely expensive. Costs depend on a number of factors. The folowing infographic from Rose Law Group will help ...
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The Changing Landscape of Marriage & Divorce (UK Version)

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Stephens Scown&#39;s</a> have highlighted emerging trends in divorce and relationships in the ...
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False Reports of Tom Cruise Opening Up About Divorce

After five years of marriage with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes decided to call it quits. She filed for divorce in June 2012, just five days before his 50 th birthday. Since then, Cruise has kept quiet and ...
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Do Financial Challenges Cause Divorce?

It should not come as a huge surprise that financial challenges and arguments over money are one of the largest contributors to divorce. This leads one to wonder if there is a happy medium for marital ...
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Broken Unions: Divorce in the US

Lack of communication between couples is one of the number one reasons for divorce in the U.S. With the current divorce rate at approximately one million each year, that’s a lot of unspoken ...
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Which Trust Should You Trust?

Over the years, more Americans are recognizing the value and benefits associated with establishing a trust when planning the future of their estate. Choosing to establish a trust rather than draft a ...
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The Weird World of Celebrity Divorce

Let's face facts: the marriage and divorce of celebrities is so far removed from the average person’s experience. This infographic from JMW Solicitors provides some weird and wonderful ...
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The Two Income Trap

Where have the good days gone? In the 1950s everything was so simple. You had your house, a single car, and most everything was affordable. Today, everything seems to be too costly and there are ...
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The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

The benefits of marriage are many - companionship being one of the primary benefits. What about the advantages of having a two parent household versus a one parent household from a financial point of ...
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Social Media in Divorce Court Cases

When one thinks of social media, they tend to think of sharing their latest photos and happenings with their immediate community. Yet a new trend is emerging where these same social media and ...
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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

In this infographic, presents 6 signs that your spouse may be cheating on you. Of course this is not always the case but if your spouse has more than one of these signs in their life, it may ...
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Marriage and Divorce in the United States

The following infographic from LiveScience takes a look at marriage and divorce statistics, according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau. [ Click here for full size version ]
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Domestic Violence: Truths Unfold

Domestic violence unfortunately is a fact of life that far too many women have to live with. It is one of the the ultimate forms of bullying for it invariably comes from someone a woman loves and ...
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Bizarre Facts About Military Divorces

Divorce is complicated enough in the civilian world. However, when one of the spouses is part of the military, things go beyond complicated. Many of the laws for service people in the military are far ...
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Baby Boomers "Boom" Out of Marriage

Unfortunately, divorce is becoming more and more a common occurrence in the U.S. While some Americans have been affected more than others, the Baby Boomer generation has seen a great deal of divorce. ...
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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Which celebrity wears the most expensive diamond engagement ring? Check out who rocks the biggest rock and the price they reportedly paid in the following infographic from Brilliance. [ Click here for ...
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