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Thank you for visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona divorce attorney and estate planning blog published by Hildebrand Law, PC. I am Chris Hildebrand - the founding Arizona divorce and estate planning attorney of Hildebrand Law, PC. I am fortunate to work with some very great people who just happen to have amazing legal talent. Please allow me to introduce you to our team of experienced Arizona divorce attorneys.

I hope the information you read below is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us through our "contact us" form if there is a subject you would like us to write about. Thank you for reviewing the content in our blog and, as always, please feel free to contact us if you are in need of the assistance in a divorce, have other family law issue, or are in need of an estate plan. We are here to serve you!

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Family Law Blog

10 Ways Men Get Caught Cheating: Then vs Now

It's always awful when someone cheats on their partner. And now with all the advancements in technology, leaving a trail of cheating evidence is easier than ever. This infographic illustrates 10 ...
Continue reading "10 Ways Men Get Caught Cheating: Then vs Now" »

The Rising Rates of Divorce

Many questions and concerns come to mind when a couple is thinking of filing for a divorce. There are many factors to be considered but the most important concern is the children, their custody and ...
Continue reading "The Rising Rates of Divorce" »

The Weird World of Celebrity Divorce

Let's face facts: the marriage and divorce of celebrities is so far removed from the average person’s experience. This infographic from JMW Solicitors provides some weird and wonderful ...
Continue reading "The Weird World of Celebrity Divorce" »

The Two Income Trap

Where have the good days gone? In the 1950s everything was so simple. You had your house, a single car, and most everything was affordable. Today, everything seems to be too costly and there are ...
Continue reading "The Two Income Trap" »

The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

The benefits of marriage are many - companionship being one of the primary benefits. What about the advantages of having a two parent household versus a one parent household from a financial point of ...
Continue reading "The Economics of Marriage & Divorce" »

Social Media in Divorce Court Cases

When one thinks of social media, they tend to think of sharing their latest photos and happenings with their immediate community. Yet a new trend is emerging where these same social media and ...
Continue reading "Social Media in Divorce Court Cases" »

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

In this infographic, presents 6 signs that your spouse may be cheating on you. Of course this is not always the case but if your spouse has more than one of these signs in their life, it may ...
Continue reading "Signs of a Cheating Spouse" »

Marriage and Divorce in the United States

The following infographic from LiveScience takes a look at marriage and divorce statistics, according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau. [ Click here for full size version ]
Continue reading "Marriage and Divorce in the United States" »

Domestic Violence: Truths Unfold

Domestic violence unfortunately is a fact of life that far too many women have to live with. It is one of the the ultimate forms of bullying for it invariably comes from someone a woman loves and ...
Continue reading "Domestic Violence: Truths Unfold" »

Bizarre Facts About Military Divorces

Divorce is complicated enough in the civilian world. However, when one of the spouses is part of the military, things go beyond complicated. Many of the laws for service people in the military are far ...
Continue reading "Bizarre Facts About Military Divorces" »

Baby Boomers "Boom" Out of Marriage

Unfortunately, divorce is becoming more and more a common occurrence in the U.S. While some Americans have been affected more than others, the Baby Boomer generation has seen a great deal of divorce. ...
Continue reading "Baby Boomers "Boom" Out of Marriage" »

10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Which celebrity wears the most expensive diamond engagement ring? Check out who rocks the biggest rock and the price they reportedly paid in the following infographic from Brilliance. [ Click here for ...
Continue reading "10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings" »

May a Court Award Spousal Maintenance to a Spouse Who is Already Able to Financially Support Themselves?

The short answer is, yes. According to Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals in the appellate case of Boyle v. Boyle, a trial court has the authority to award Arizona Spousal Maintenance to a ...
Continue reading "May a Court Award Spousal Maintenance to a Spouse Who is Already Able to Financially Support Themselves?" »

How Is Child Custody Determined in Arizona?

During a divorce, a couple will have to come to an agreement regarding many difficult issues. Out of all the decisions which are involved in a divorce, perhaps the most difficult is in regards to ...
Continue reading "How Is Child Custody Determined in Arizona?" »
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